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Advice to public and private clinical laboratories and their staff on an individual or group basis on

  • all aspects of quality management,
  • understanding traceability and uncertainty, standardisation and calibration,
  • understanding analytical quality in specific areas of clinical chemistry,
  • interpreting method performance, IQC and EQA data
  • specialist knowledge in the measurement of steroid hormones
  • spoecialist knowledge in the measurement of HbA1c in diabetes monitoring 

Advice to the diagnostic industry and trade bodies on all the above plus

  • state-of-the-art and future method development
  • trouble shooting in the area of traceability, standardisation and calibration
  • interpretation of method-related EQA data and reports

Advice to Universities and educators on course material for

  • all aspects of quality management
  • all aspects of metrology
  • specific areas of measurement in clinical chemistry

Strategic advice to Government, NHS, Department of Health, MHRA, professional bodies on

  • state-of-the-art of specific areas of laboratory medicine
  • clincial guideline planning in relation to analytical quality and accurcy


Jonathan has a strict no-competition rules with AQMLM and UK NEQAS.  Projects and consultancy regarded to be more appropriate to these organisations will be referred on in the first instance.