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Throughout his career, Jonathan has regularly given lectures to University undergraduate and postgraduate courses and presented orally and by poster at regional, national and international meetings.  He has also presented at diagnostic company user group meetings and organised his own meetings and conferences.

His main topic areas for lectures and presentations include:

  • Quality Management in Laboratory Medicine
  • Theory and Practice in Internal Quality Control (IQC)
  • Theory and Practice in External Quality Assessment (EQA)
  • Interpretation of EQA data and reports
  • Accreditation in Laboratory Medicine
  • Metrological Traceabiliy and Uncertainty
  • Analytical Goals and Biological Variation
  • Hierarchies of Methods in Laboratory Medicine 
  • Measurement of Steroid Hormones
  • Measurement of HbA1c in diabetes monitoring

Please note that projects thought to be more appropriate for AQMLM may be offered to that organisation for consideration in the first instance.  As Chairman of AQMLM - a non-profit organisation - JGM guarantees not to contract his services to that organisation for personal gain.

Recently (Jan 2012) Jonathan has enrolled as a STEM Ambassador - engaged in voluntary work to inspire young people to take up careers in science -  laboratory medicine in particular.