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Current terms & conditions are available on request using the form on the Contact JGMQC page.

Fees are assessed on an individual basis depending on the complexity of the work and the type of client involved.  Public sector and not-for-profit organisations will be advantageously assessed. 

Jonathan has strict no-competition rules with AQMLM and UK NEQAS. Projects thought to be more appropriate to those organisations will be referred to them for consideration in the first instance.

  • Consultancy in Analytical Quality

For telephone consultation, the fee depends on the complexity of the question and the amount of work involved.  A free quotation will be provided.

For email consultation, please email with an outline of your requirements and a free quotation will be provided.

For consultancy at the client's premises or a non-local meeting venue, there is a fee per half day plus travelling expenses at cost.

For consultancy involving attendance at a regional, national or international conference, all charges for registration, meals, accommodation and social events must be covered by the client in advance.  JGMQC will assess the amount of work required by the client and provide a free quotation.

For preparation of written reports, the fee depends on the complexity and amount of the preparatory work required and the length of the report.  A free quotation will be provided.

  • Lecturing and Teaching

For lectures, seminars and workshops, JGMQC will assess the fee based on the amount of preparation time required, plus an hourly rate of  teaching time.  Any Honorarium normally paid to speakers will be set against the total charge.

  • Scientific Meeting Event Management

JGMQC charges a flat fee plus a per delegate fee, which depends on the nature of the event and whether it is in the public or commercial sector.  Clients may take advantage of an initial telephone advisory service, and then choose the Standard or Premium management service.  Please go to the Event Management page for further details and to submit a form with your requirements. 

  • Corporate Entertainment

If clients book Major Groove or Second City Sax for an event JGMQC is managing, there is no extra charge for JGMQC's service over and above the entertainer's fee.  For booking these groups or other entertainment for events not being managed by JGMQC, a percentage of the entertainer's performance fee is charged in addition to the performance fee.